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Our Permanent Placement and Business Consulting services are backed by over 50 years of staffing experience and the credentials to ensure a thorough and satisfactory implementation.

At Southern Oregon Staffing, we strive to assist your company to maximize your growth potential by reducing waste and improving efficiencies.

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Final Phase

Whether you’re a business owner looking for your successor or an expert in your field in the phase of “giving back,” we will support your plans through the final phase in business or career.

Succession Planning – As a business owner, have you considered your exit strategy? A key component to exiting business is finding the right person, a protégé, to take over and continue the legacy.

Legacy Phase – At this stage of your career, when giving back is the primary motivation and drive, we help professionals develop a path to sharing your expertise

Cultural Evaluation

People are the primary resource in any business. To find the best candidates to ensure growth, it’s best to start with understanding the values of your current culture. With Southern Oregon Staffing’s assessment of the situation, you’ll surely have the tools you need to progress rapidly towards your goals. 

Career Services

Are you feeling discouraged with the process of looking for work? Maybe you want a little help with Career Services to give you the edge you need to land your ideal job. Southern Oregon Staffing is here to help.

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GET THERE FIRST! Hidden Market Job Search Strategy

With over 40 years of experience in the personnel industry, Kristi Mishell is a specialist in the job placement and job search field (both sides of the coin). As a McGraw Hill published author, her books share the almost magical secrets of how to find the job that you love, and for employers, how to find employees that last.

Eliminate the competition by learning how to GET THERE FIRST! Her 6th edition book GET THERE FIRST! Hidden Market Job Search Strategy has helped 1,000’s find the job that truly fulfills their life.

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