“Only 3 components you say? Now, how is that even possible? I’ve worked for several companies and so far it doesn’t seem that any of them have fit just right,” says the voice of most applicants in search of their ultimate job.

Well, we’re here to tell you that after interviewing thousands of applicants over time there are only 3 reasons people ever leave a position.  So, if you have the 3 components of the perfect job, we’ll likely never see you. But if you don’t, you may want to consider submitting your resume.

1) LOVE what you do! Are you doing the work that you enjoy? Is the field you’re in interesting? If you find yourself dreading the work or feeling stagnant because there is nothing more to learn, it might be time for a change.

2) LOVE who you do it with! We spend half of our waking hours in a week with people at work. Are you fond of your counterparts? Do they treat you well and do you feel happy around them?

3) LOVE what you’re paid! As you progress through your career, you begin assessing the value of the work you do. At some point in each position, you determine whether the pay is balanced with the workload.

So, in order to stay long-term in any position these three factors must be true. If any one of them is not, it’s likely you’ll be looking for greener grasses and won’t stay. Ask yourself if in your experience you have the 3 components you need and, if not, begin taking steps towards seeking the place that you LOVE to be.