GET THERE FIRST! Hidden Market Job Search Strategy

This book is a comprehensive and innovative job search technique that totally eliminates any competition and delves into the true hidden job market! It teaches the job searcher how to break away from the pack and get their resume packet to a company before anyone else even knows there’s an opening, even the employer themselves!

Each chapter provides an easy to follow, step by step guide to be the solution to an existing staffing problem before it’s moved to the ‘screening stage’ like all other open market jobs.

“I went through an EXPENSIVE course which supposedly taught all this and learned far more from you than I did from them.”

“Thank you so much! I am using the tools and information provided and it has been making such a difference–first, in my confidence, second, in my results. Now I know I can get the type of job I want!”

“Excellent book. I especially enjoyed the comprehensive list of supplementary materials that accompanied each lesson. Discussion areas were very interesting.”

“This was such an eye-opener for me… I feel more confident about what and how to put together a resume and know that once I start looking, I will find the perfect fit after all. Thank you so much!”

“I was looking for new and innovative approaches to the job search process and I found them in this book.”