Southern Oregon Staffing provides an array of services to guide and counsel you through every phase of your career. Whether you’re simply looking for a good job, need to improve your search methods,  starting a business, or wrapping up your career, we are here to help.

Career Change

Sometimes after 15-20 years of doing different jobs in the same industry, you feel you’d like a change. Doing something different, with a whole new set of variables sounds very appealing. It’s time for a career change!

Give us a call and let us help you find the next stage and phase of your career! We then help you market that choice so you land in the right spot.

One out of three career changers end up being self employed. Many times they have no idea it’s time to be a business owner, but all the signs will point to it! Are you ready to start a business?

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Legacy Phase

When you find yourself in the stage of your career where you’ve accomplished all your goals, become the expert in your field, now what? It’s time to give back, hand off, leave behind a legacy of your work.

We can help you paint that picture, whether it’s becoming a consultant, writing a book or going on the road as a professional guest speaker.

Let us help you in this final phase. This is where you’ll finally earn the most amount of money, for the least amount of effort!

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Documentation Services

If you believe you are qualified for a position currently advertised we can help you tailor your Cover Letter and Resume response to meet their criteria and get your foot in the door so you can sell yourself!

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