purposeTo those job seekers looking for tips on finding the perfect job, it’s important to start by developing a purpose. Kristi Mishell, author of GET THERE FIRST: Hidden Market Job Search Strategydescribes the importance of defining your basic needs before beginning your search.

“You’re a unique individual, and you’re coming into the job market with a different set of needs than anyone else. You’ll want a job that fits your strengths, skills and personality. You don’t want something you have to fit into; you want a job that fits you!

Whenever a search lasts a long time and the feedback is minimal, any offer for a job is wonderful, even when it’s not quite perfect. It seems to most people that the trade-off for getting an offer of employment, even if it’s not exactly what you want, is far better than the drudgery and fear of searching.

It isn’t fair for an employer to expect you to give up something important to you just to beat out the competition. But it happens every day, in every single advertised job where there’s more than one applicant looking at the opening. Someone is always expected to sacrifice something.

Before contacting any employers, you have to develop a purpose.”

When you come to the table knowing what works best for your situation, it makes it easier for both you and the employer to identify quickly whether or not the job is a good match. We all know that you’ll stay longer if it feels right. It’s a win-win.