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Develop a Purpose, Create a Win-Win

To those job seekers looking for tips on finding the perfect job, it's important to start by developing a purpose. Kristi Mishell, author of GET THERE FIRST: Hidden Market Job Search Strategy, describes the importance of defining your basic needs before beginning your search. "You're a unique individual, and you're coming into the job market with a different set of needs than anyone else. You'll want a job that fits your strengths, skills and personality. You don't [...]


Not Ready to Hire? Contract for Admin Support

We often talk with business owners who like the service we have to offer, but have not quite reached the turning point where they have the stability to hire a new staff member. The bottom line is a fine one in small business, so it’s important to assess your options and consider alternatives that will continue to promote steady growth. One of the best ways to fill the gap before bringing on a permanent employee [...]


3 Components of the Perfect Job

“Only 3 components you say? Now, how is that even possible? I’ve worked for several companies and so far it doesn’t seem that any of them have fit just right,” says the voice of most applicants in search of their ultimate job. Well, we’re here to tell you that after interviewing thousands of applicants over time there are only 3 reasons people ever leave a position.  So, if you have the 3 components of the [...]


The Pitfalls to Word-of-Mouth Hiring

Last time we discussed ways of managing performance and the critical element of recruitment and job matching to maximize performance. However, when the majority of hiring is done through word-of-mouth, a biased assessment of ability based on an emotional connection will inevitably put a manager between a rock and a hard place. When an open position is brewing, managers/owners begin their hunt well before the job is on the open market. They first tell their friends and associates [...]


Signs of Movement: EVERYONE Needs More in 3-5 Years

In today’s world, it is standard for almost any position to turn over in 3-5 years. Whether an employee is ready for advancement, not able to perform, or dissatisfied with their job tasks, coworkers, or pay, they will begin showing signs of dissatisfaction. Not only is it important to identify these signs quickly, but it is necessary to take action before the problem magnifies. An employee may begin a pattern of showing up late for [...]


Only 4 Reasons Employers Hire

As employment specialists, we have seen employees come and go. What has become clear is that there are only 4 reasons a position ever becomes available within a company. Employers only hire when an employee quits, is fired, needs to be shifted into a new role, or the company is expanding. 1) Quit - If an employee quits, it's imperative to get that position filled immediately. It is best practice for an employee to give [...]

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