virtual handshakeWe often talk with business owners who like the service we have to offer, but have not quite reached the turning point where they have the stability to hire a new staff member. The bottom line is a fine one in small business, so it’s important to assess your options and consider alternatives that will continue to promote steady growth.

One of the best ways to fill the gap before bringing on a permanent employee is to find a contractor that can fulfill the work efficiently and at a reasonable price. There is a growing trend of entrepreneurs known as Virtual Assistants (VA) that are an excellent option for covering administrative tasks in any industry. Some VAs are generalists and some are specialists, but they are available worldwide to support the growth of your business.a-train logo

Locally, we encourage you to inquire with our Virtual Assistant, Audrey Isbell of AVA Virtual Assistance. She’ll give you the rundown on how the process works and give you a clear picture of the quality talent working behind the scenes in the business world. You can also explore the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) for more information.

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