I just had to take the time to type this letter, I'm so excited! A few weeks ago I took your seminar on how to compose your resume, which I thought I already knew! I found that the seminar was both informative & professional. I had previously made up my own resume and after sending out over 200 had received only one response. This I saw would leave me unemployed a long time! After taking [...]


C. J. Lynch

It has now been over a month since I started work at Codding Enterprises, and I would like to thank you again for your invaluable instruction that led to my employment. As you know, I had only just arrived from Denver, Colorado when I came to your office for help in January. Little did I know that after taking your "Hidden Market" and "Resume" seminars that I would have the tools necessary to land the [...]


M. Peron

After working with you during my career transition and following your suggestions to the letter, I have met with resounding success. Everything happened just as you said it would and as a result I start as General Manager with a local telecommunications firm on the 20th of June. I would whole heartedly recommend your seminar and follow up program to any professional who is serious about a career change or placement. It was worth every [...]


S. Franklin

You came into my life at a time when I felt lost and rejected with the lowest self esteem ever.  As you know,  I'd been looking for work for several months with no prospects on the horizon, just closed doors everywhere I turned. I can't even begin to describe the feeling of helplessness before we met. At the end of our first meeting, I felt like there was a light at the end of the [...]


Students of Hidden Market Job Search Strategy Course

"I went through an EXPENSIVE course which supposedly taught all this and learned far more from you than I did from them." The class was very useful and comprehensive and will undoubtedly aid in my job search. Thank you!" "Thank you so much! I am using the tools and information provided and it has been making such a difference--first, in my confidence, second, in my results. Now I know I can get the type of [...]


M. Tyrone

Thank you Kristi. I bought your book GET THERE FIRST! Hidden Market Job Search Strategy about 2 months ago and followed the instructions as carefully as I could. It was so logical and easy to understand. Thank you for the step by step instruction! I live down in Fresno and just wanted to let you know I had astounding success! Not only did I get interviews with 3 employers in my industry (Printing), I was [...]

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