Lisa McClease-Kelly

Who do you know that says things like "I hate my job!" or "I don't want to go to work tomorrow." Maybe you hear a business owner that says "I can't believe she is late again." or " He is just not the right fit for this job." Kristi Mishell from Southern Oregon Staffing can help both the job seeker and the employer. You see everyone has a place in the work force, but sometimes [...]


Audrey Isbell

I sent a business friend/colleague to Southern Oregon Staffing, and the feedback I got back was excellent! My friend now has an awesome employee. Thank you SOS for making me look good! :)


Terall D. Blalock

I think I can do you one better, maybe more like one hundred better. I'm going to forward this email to Kristi Mishell of Southern Oregon Staffing. She is a member of my BNI group. But far more important she is world class at placement. Author, speaker, a consummate super star in the area of permanent employee placement. She knows things that folks like you and me never even thought of. On the other hand [...]

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