Students of Hidden Market Job Search Course

Testimonials Highlighted

"I enjoyed the course and received many good tip - I am certainly glad that I took this course and know that it will be very useful in my future job searching. Thanks Kristi for a class well done." I am currently re-entering the job market looking for something that is closer to my educational interests. I have been at a job that is satisfying but chose it because it was close to home and [...]


C. J. Lynch

It has now been over a month since I started work at Codding Enterprises, and I would like to thank you again for your invaluable instruction that led to my employment. As you know, I had only just arrived from Denver, Colorado when I came to your office for help in January. Little did I know that after taking your "Hidden Market" and "Resume" seminars that I would have the tools necessary to land the [...]


Students of Hidden Market Job Search Strategy Course

"I went through an EXPENSIVE course which supposedly taught all this and learned far more from you than I did from them." The class was very useful and comprehensive and will undoubtedly aid in my job search. Thank you!" "Thank you so much! I am using the tools and information provided and it has been making such a difference--first, in my confidence, second, in my results. Now I know I can get the type of [...]

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